The Beatles – Carry That Weight

Simple but highly effective brass parts by Messrs Lennon & McCartney. I recorded this as a part of the Golden Slumbers medley from The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. Great video compilation by Shawn Hare aka stegokitty. Resources: The Beatles – Carry That Weight Bandhub collab video. The Beatles – Carry That Weight trumpet chart. Transcribed by me … Continue reading The Beatles – Carry That Weight

Magical Mystery Tour (Bridge Only)

Trombonist Brendan Champion has made available an absolute treasure trove of free horn charts at I’ve played several of his charts, including The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour, which he arranged for trumpet, trombone, baritone sax, and strings. Without most of those instruments at my disposal, I quickly knocked-up the trumpet solo in the bridge … Continue reading Magical Mystery Tour (Bridge Only)