Chuck Mangione Transcriptions

mangione01Chuck Mangione is, without question, the artist who most influenced my trumpet and flugelhorn playing style. About a million years ago (maybe a little less) I transcribed these charts for some of Chuck’s lesser-known pieces. I can’t recall which music scoring software I was using at the time, except that it was really clunky and difficult to use. And it was free.

Chuck Mangione - You're The Best There Is - Flugelhorn Chuck Mangione - Steppin' Out - Flugelhorn Chuck Mangione - Memories of Scirocco - Flugelhorn

Fans of Chuck Mangione’s music may be interested in joining the Chuck Mangione Facebook Group, where I’m a member of the admin team.

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Transcribed by me and free for you to use.

What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know.

2 thoughts on “Chuck Mangione Transcriptions

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  2. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for your most generous offering of these transcriptions. Wow, you have been busy indeed! Excellent quality & preparation.
    Thanks very much again.
    Paul Belfrage.

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