The Streets of San Francisco

There’s a lot going on here in just over a minute’s worth of music. But I’ve managed to unravel and transcribe the complexities of this very cool instrumental, that some consider their favorite TV theme of all time.

I can’t help but love the 1972 “cop drama” minor-key of this piece; the rapid fusionesque drum and percussion rhythms that take us back to Dirty Harry, the syncopated wah-wah guitars of the era, the free sax fills, the uber-cool walking (sprinting!) jazz bass in the bridge, the French Connection-style dissonance from the trumpets, the frantic French horn lines that sound like they’re struggling to keep up, and the anchoring “blat” of the low trombones.

I remember when this TV show first aired, my Dad, a Bay Area native, would frequently identify and call out San Francisco street names and landmarks as he recognized the many on-location scenes. A fond memory.

It certainly felt very special to be able to demystify and transcribe this piece, then to record it with some of my favorite musicians.


The Streets of San Francisco TV Show Theme - Trumpet Sax Trombone charts. Transcribed by Gary Badger -

Transcribed by me and free for you to use.

What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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