Don Ellis – Alone Again (Naturally)

Trumpet virtuoso Don Ellis recorded his cover of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s composition in 1972 and released it on his album entitled Connection. The arranger of this tune, Don’s pianist Milcho Leviev, turned a somewhat dreary and corny song into something bouncier and more entertaining, and I’m sure the musicians in the studio had fun with it in the process.

I always hear tiny reminders of Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree, and also MacArthur Park in this song. Noticeably all of the same era. But, I digress…

I transcribed each note by ear, and also added a couple of my own ideas to the bridge for a little more contrast. When it came to playing and recording, in the spirit of Don I played parts of the tune with a Cry Baby Wah pedal, adding it to my trumpet and flugelhorn lines.

These charts are for trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor sax, trombone, flute, violin, cello, guitar, keys, and bass. I’ll fall over in shock if someone else ever uses these charts, but I’m so thrilled to have met the challenge to transcribe them and to have had the opportunity to record this myself.


Don Ellis - Alone Again (Naturally) - Score & Parts. Transcribed by Gary Badger -

Transcribed by me and free for you to use.

What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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