Housekeeping… Cleaning up Dead Links

When I started this blog I almost always followed a routine of posting each of my trumpet transcriptions along with a link to a video demonstration of me playing it. Most often that was a link to a collaboration video, comments, and other resources at the Bandhub site. But when Bandhub went offline in mid-March, all of those links (some 200-odd) from my blog went dead. đź’©

I didn’t want this to be a blog full of useless links, so I’ve spent the last month tidying-up all of those dead links to Bandhub, mostly replacing them with links to Bandhub videos published on YouTube. Where I found my co-collaborators had shared videos I linked to those, and where I couldn’t find any traces I uploaded the videos to my YouTube channel. In some cases, where I was especially pleased with what I saw and heard, I embedded those Bandhub/YouTube clips into the blog post.

There was a number of videos that I did not upload or link to. Usually, this was because the collaboration was only partially completed before Bandhub closed, or the backing track (in all its copyrighted glory) was still embedded in the video. In those instances, I’m simply not including a video demonstration of my transcription.

Currently, this blog is receiving 150-200 visitors per week. So I felt it was important to keep the house in order for them.

And I’ve got a number of completed transcriptions drafted and ready to publish, once my co-collaborators record their parts and the videos have been finalized. So stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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