This is not a transcription post, although I did transcribe a lot of this including trumpet and strings. I’m sharing this video on my blog because I’m very excited about this musical collaboration. I think that the audio recording truly characterizes my trumpet style and the way that I like to play naturally. And it is such a joy to be able to play with such fantastic and accomplished musicians.

Thank you so much to my friends and co-collaborators Antonio Freire (drums, audio engineering), Georgi Chobanov (keys), Jay Reawaruw (percussion), Richard ‘Bolo’ Loupatty (bass, video editing), Ynping Mak (violins), Yoichi Kishi (guitars).

A special shout-out to my good mate Adrian Munn for his amazing videography and trumpet mentoring.

I hope you enjoy “Fandango”. Composed by Juan Carlos Calderon. Originally recorded and released by Herb Alpert in 1982.

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