2 thoughts on “Steely Dan – Peg

  1. Satchmo67:
    Fantastic job on Peg transcription! Only changes I would recommend would be to include measures 7 & 8 as part of introduction, then 12 bar verse, which is guitar solo 2nd time through. Last two bars of your 16 bar rest should be included with following 10 bars to make 12 bar pattern. I just think it is easier to follow if the intro, verse 1 and verse 2 are written as 8, 12 and 12 bar phrases. Makes it easier to count rests, too! I really appreciate your effort, it made my transcription job practically effortless! Thanks again.

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    • Thanks, Joe. I’m very pleased to hear it helped you. 😃
      Yes, I agree with your recommendations. Peg was one of my early transcriptions, at the time intended only for my consumption. Had I written it with the intention of publishing (as I now do) I’d have done things a little differently.
      I really appreciate you taking the time to give me your feedback.


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