I’m up to date (for now)!

A ream of transcriptions. The pile of trumpet charts I've transcribed, to date.

The 3-inch pile of charts I’ve transcribed and downloaded in order to record music on Bandhub.

This post serves no useful purpose, other than to mark that I’m currently up to date publishing my transcriptions, which I think is in the order of 140 or so. I had a backlog, but now it has gone!

I often search for and download trumpet charts that I need to play, only transcribing out of necessity when my searches come up empty. I started this blog simply to share work that I’ve done, for free, and perhaps “pay back” a little for all of the content I’ve benefited from over the years. When the time arises and some trumpet player seeks the same material I was once after, here it is! I don’t do this for any other reason.

When so often we take, I enjoy a great sense of giving through this simple blog. My stats tell me that I receive around 10 unique site visits from across the globe each day, which surprises me given the narrow and specialized scope of this offering. I initially thought 10 per month would have been a good result. From memory, one day the volume of unique visitors peaked at 77. And some ad-hoc searches show that Google indexes my blog posts very regularly and returns my transcribed charts in search results, often at or near the top of the page. I’m very happy with all of that.

I’ve got several transcriptions in-flight at the moment, including some that I’m waiting for the recording to finish before I publish them. And I’ve got a little housekeeping to do on some of the older posts, retrofitting thumbnail images of the charts (which I started doing a few months ago to improve my Google Image search results).

So, with this moment of reflection having passed, stay tuned! 🙂

One thought on “I’m up to date (for now)!

  1. Update: Occasionally I have a casual glance at the stats for this site.

    Currently, it is receiving on average 80 unique visitors per week, and 288 page views. On average each visitor is viewing 2.85 pages.

    I’m pretty happy about that, given the limited scope and appeal of this blog. Thank you to all those people who visited. You make me feel that there is some value in publishing the transcriptions that I pull together for personal use.


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